PHOTO CAPTION: One of three Reva electric cars to take part in Climate Solutions Road Tour

Yes, They Could. So They Did.

NY Times columnist tours New Delhi in modified, solar-assisted Reva electric cars.

Published: 16-Feb-2009

New Delhi -- So I am attending the Energy and Resources Institute climate conference in New Delhi, and during the afternoon session two young American women — along with one of their mothers — proposition me.

“Hey, Mr. Friedman,” they say, “would you like to take a little spin around New Delhi in our car?”

Oh, I say, I’ve heard that line before. Ah, they say, but you haven’t seen this car before. It’s a plug-in electric car that is also powered by rooftop solar panels — and the two young women, recent Yale grads, had just driven it all over India in a “climate caravan” to highlight the solutions to global warming being developed by Indian companies, communities, campuses and innovators, as well as to inspire others to take action.



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