PHOTO CAPTION: Shanghai Pearl has range of 75 km on 50g of hydrogen.

Shanghai Firm Selling Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Tanking up on hydrogen takes 20 minutes and costs about US$0.30.

Published: 09-Mar-2009

While the world waits for Suzuki to put their hydrogen fuel-cell powered Crosscage into production, China has already started making – and even exporting – hydrogen fuel-cell powered mopeds.

According to a report on Shanghai Daily, a Chinese company, Shanghai Pearl Hydrogen Power Resource Technology has been exporting fuel-cell mopeds since May this year. The company has, till now, sent 30 of these two-wheelers to England, Spain and the United States.

Fuel-cell bikes use hydrogen to generate electricity, which in turn powers an electric motor which drives the bike. Shanghai Pearl’s fuel-cell bikes can travel about 75km on a full tank of fuel – that’s about 50gm of hydrogen. Tanking up on hydrogen takes 20 minutes and costs about US$0.30.


The Cargobike can handle loads up to 150 kg and one fuel cell lasts for 250 kilometres powered by only 90grams of hydrogen within a 2.2kg storage unit.

The most recent development is a Renault prototype called Scenic ZEV H2 based on the Renault Grand Scenic pictured above.

The top speed of the Tiguan HyMotion is 93 mph and it accelerates from 0 to 60 mph in about 14 seconds.


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