PHOTO CAPTION: Epic 23e electric hybrid electric wakeboat initially will cost $150,000.

Epic Wakeboats Introduces World's First Electric Hybrid Sport Boat

Not only is the design extremely environment-friendly, but also boasts over 50% better fuel economy.

Published: 17-Mar-2009

San Diego, Calif. -- Epic Wakeboats, manufacturer of "The World’s First Wakeboat," announced today the release of "The World’s First Electric Hybrid Sport Boat," the Epic 23E. With its pioneering electric hybrid drive system, the Epic 23E uses half the fuel of its combustion-powered equivalent, making this Luxury Sport Boat more environmentally friendly and economical than any other on the water.

Epic Wakeboats CEO Chris Anthony said, "The Epic 23E will change the way people think about water-sports. Not only is the design extremely environment-friendly, but with over 50% better fuel economy, it will have an impact on more than just fuel costs. This system increases range, decreases noise and still provides better wakeboarding performance then its combustion motor powered counterpart."

At the core of the Epic 23E is Flux Propulsion’s Marine Drive System. This hybrid drive system features an exceptionally powerful and compact drive motor that draws from cutting-edge battery technology. Staying true to Epic’s philosophy of, "Rider Designed Engineering" the 23E features an easy to use touch screen interface that incorporates stereo and video entertainment with the GPS Speed Control and other core components.

With regard to coordinating system development between Flux Propulsion and Epic Wakeboats, Epic’s Director of Product Development, Matt Ostmeyer said, "Our combined dedication to both environmental responsibility and performance brought to life a remarkably efficient and powerful propulsion system that will revolutionize the sport boat industry, and we are proud to be a part of that."

About Epic Wakeboats
Based in San Diego, CA, Epic Wakeboats is the creator of the 23V with 4,000 lbs of stock ballast, "D.R.O.P." Zone Wake Enhancing Hull Technology, Resin-Infused All-Composite construction, Dual Rudder "Vector Steer System," 10-Speaker Transom Audio and many other features. Epic currently has dealers located nationwide as well as Australia, Canada and Mexico. For more information, please visit

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