PHOTO CAPTION: TranzX PST Eagle electric assisted bicycle

JD Group Reveals New Eagle E-Bike

The pedal-activated bike is powered by a 250 Watt motor and will fully conform to the new European regulations for Electrically Power Assisted Cycles.

Published: 24-Mar-2009

TAIPEI, TAIWAN -- 40 years ago man landed on the moon and these famous words vibrated around the world. To this day, this landmark event represents future achievement based on major technical advancements.

JD Group, manufacturer of mobility products and bike components, embraces these same values in a completely new type of electric bicycle unveiled at the Taipei Cycle Show in Taiwan.

The Eagle combines design flair and technical innovation to propel the cyclist into an exhilarating future.


TH!NK city is 95 percent recyclable, and is designed to meet the strict safety requirements of both Europe and the US, as a highway-safe road car. Pictured is Th!nk Open convertible.

New infrastructure may help launch electric cars in Israel and Denmark. Pictured is Renault Z17, a possible candidate for both Israeli and Dane electric car programs.

Production of the Smera will commence in 2009, and Lumeneo expects to produce 250 unit next year.


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