PHOTO CAPTION: MATRA MS1 Electric Bicycle will use All Cell lithium batteries.

All Cell Partners with MATRA to Develop Light Electric Vehicle Batteries

Batteries will be used in French-developed e-bikes and neighborhood electric vehicles.

Published: 08-Apr-2009

Chicago -- Illinois Institute of Technology’s (IIT) University Technology Park (UTP) and the French Trade Office of the French Embassy in the United States will host an event displaying and offering test drives of light electric vehicles (LEVs) from All Cell Technologies LLC and MATRA Manufacturing Services. All Cell, an IIT technology transfer company, was the first tenant at UTP and was established in 2001 to develop and commercialize Li-ion batteries for portable, stationary and transportation applications. All Cell is partnering with MATRA to develop Li-ion battery packs for LEV applications. The event will take place from 10 a.m. until 12 p.m. on Monday, April 6th at IIT UTP, 3440 S. Dearborn Ave., Chicago. Vehicles will be on display and available for test drives before and after speaker presentations, which will begin at 10:30 a.m., and executive teams from MATRA and All Cell will be available to answer questions.

“MATRA is a world leader in the LEV market and we are excited about the opportunity to work with them to develop high quality, safe, and cost effective Li-ion battery solutions for the LEV market,” said All Cell Co-Founder, Chairman/CEO Said Al-Hallaj. “All Cell’s Li-ion battery technology enables manufacturers to design cars with greater efficiency, faster charge times, and an increased driving range.”

Recent high gas prices and the unpredictable fuel future, growing concerns over climate change and carbon emissions, and a tightening economy all have consumers looking for alternatives to traditional gas-powered automobiles. The electric bicycles created by MATRA and neighborhood electric vehicles (NEVs) distributed by MATRA and the Li-ion battery technologies developed by All Cell offer consumers and municipalities clean, efficient, and affordable transportation options designed for the 21st century.

“All Cell and IIT have been successfully involved in MATRA development programs since 2004. We are proud to soon become the first manufacturer to offer All Cell Li-ion safe batteries to our customers in both European and U.S. markets as standard equipment on the outstanding new E-bike, the MATRA MS1. We take this opportunity to thank the French Trade Office, represented at this time by Georges Ucko, an active user of a MATRA E-bike for many years,” said Bernard Labet, MATRA President.

In February, the Chicago City Council passed an ordinance allowing the operation of NEVs on local city streets. NEVs have a typical range of 25 – 40 miles, depending on the model and battery size, and are perfect for commuting, running errands, managing campus environments and other short trips. Chicago is now open for drivers and businesses looking for innovative and versatile ways to reduce their energy profile with electric vehicles.

For several years, Chicago Mayor Richard Daley has also been exploring alternative fuel options for the city’s fleet vehicles, often in collaboration with researchers and companies at IIT, as part of his commitment to create green employment opportunities and make Chicago the “greenest city in America.” The recently

passed American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 provides tax incentives of $2500 -$7500 for the purchase of electric vehicles, as well as funding for continued fuel cell research. The technology and vehicles developed by All Cell and MATRA offer emission-free electric alternatives for municipalities and other fleet owners looking for sustainable ways to update their vehicles.

“France’s energy companies, car companies, specialty vehicle producers and national research programs have placed the country on the forefront of electric vehicle development. International collaboration speeds up these developments and helps bring products to consumers,” says Georges Ucko, Director of Transportation & Infrastructure for the French Trade Office in Chicago. “Our office and IIT have been very active in developing relationships between Chicago and France in the field of electric vehicles. The partnership between All Cell and MATRA is an example of Chicago battery technology meeting French vehicle technology to produce a viable electric mode of transportation. “

All Cell Technologies offers customized thermal management solutions and battery packs for high power lithium-ion based systems in applications such as hybrid electric vehicles and light electric vehicles (i.e. electric scooters, electric bikes, and neighborhood electric vehicles). Their patented phase change material (PCM) surrounds each lithium-ion cell to absorb and conduct heat away from the battery, effectively doubling the life of the cells and preventing fire or damage to the battery.

Building upon significant accomplishments over forty years in the European automotive industry, namely in racing (1964 - 1974), sport utility vehicles (1964 – 1982) and minivans (1983 – 2003), MATRA has adopted, in September 2004, and is actively implementing an aggressive strategy of technology and product development and marketing in the field of recreational, light electric and urban vehicles. Electric assisted, propulsion bicycles, and electric quadricycles are a major part of MATRA Manufacturing & Services involvement in the development, manufacturing and worldwide marketing of Neighborhood Electric Transportation Solutions. MATRA has a license from Global Electric Motorcars LLC to build GEM and MATRA-GEM vehicles in France.

Founded in 1890, IIT is a Ph.D.-granting university with more than 7,500 students in engineering, sciences, architecture, psychology, design, humanities, business and law. IIT's interprofessional, technology-focused curriculum is designed to advance knowledge through research and scholarship, to cultivate invention improving the human condition, and to prepare students from throughout the world for a life of professional achievement, service to society, and individual fulfillment.

The French Trade Office in Chicago is one of the offices abroad of UBIFRANCE, the French Agency for international business development. The French Trade Office in Chicago assists French companies expand their business in the United States and form partnerships with American companies.

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