Ultra Motor Moves into Europe

Ultra Motor e-Bike comes with a lithium ion power pack that enables a total range of about 35 kilometers.

Published: 20-Apr-2009

The Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Germany and the UK are the countries in which Ultra Motor Ltd. is launching its good-looking e-Bikes this month. The people behind the company – CEO Joe Santana (photo left) and President Joe Bowman – both have a background in the financial/investor sector. But that background is also linked to alternative energy sources as Santana also holds an interest in a company that produces windmills.

From there his interest in electric vehicles developed which eventually made him team up with Ultra Motor and Joe Bowman. Santana joined Ultra Motor in October 2008 and has an extensive background in engineering, marketing and management.

His latest job was President and CEO of the Timex Group. Leading a global expansion of this group of watch and lifestyle products making companies, he was instrumental in shifting manufacturing facilities to Asia.


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