PHOTO CAPTION: KLD electric motor mounted on motor scooter.

KLD Electric Motor Promises Exciting Eco-scootering

KLD's hub motor uses nano-crystalline composite materials, which the company believe makes it ten times more efficient than traditional iron core motors.

Published: 21-Apr-2009

Much has been made of the electric car driving to the rescue of ailing automobile manufactures and saving the planet at the same time. But what if that eco-savior came on two wheels instead of four?

A high price tag, a limited range, sluggish performance and the tendency not to work when they get wet, have meant that electric scooters are a rare sight on the roads.

However, KLD Energy Technologies, an electric engine company based in Texas believes that its new electric motor can overcome all these problems and kick-start the sector. It's teaming up with Vietnamese motorbike manufacturer Sufat to produce an affordable electric-powered scooter that has a performance just as good as a normal petrol powered bike.


The car -- likely to be similar in size to the Twingo – could come with two different sizes of battery.

BusinessGreen evaluates the revamped version of the tiny Indian-built, battery-powered urban runabout, asking if it adds up as green transport? Photo credit: BusinessGreen.

Review of available electric motorcycles and motor scooters. Pictured is Brammo Enteria electric motorbike.


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