PHOTO CAPTION: Salamandra is South America's first plug-in hybrid.

Columbia Rolls Out Its First Plug-in Electric Car

The Salamandra has 70 km electric car and a 15 hp engine giving it a top speed of 65 km/hr.

Published: 22-Apr-2009

Engineers in Bucaramanga presented Colombia´s first electric car to a proud audience of journalists, politicians and academics Saturday.

The Salamandra –Spanish for Salamander- is a two seat car the size of Mr Bean´s mini-cooper, with a curvy and compact design that brings back memories of the Volkswagen Beetle or the long time Colombian favorite, the Renault 4.

The first model of the Salamandra line is the Lexion a three wheeled vehicle that works with electricity or gasoline. It´s fitted with a 15 horse power engine that can propel the handsome car to 65 km per hour speeds.


Earth Policy Institute's Lester Brown offers another way to fuel the cars of the future that doesn't require a switch to natural gas.

Despite Toyota's disapproval of the $500 deposit on future plug-in Prius, one dealer plans to continue accepting them.

Chrysler circulating plug-in hybrid prototypes to dealers more advanced than earlier models. Pictured is the Chrysler EcoVoyager, in one of a trio of electric-drive concept vehicles it debuted at the 2009 Detroit Auto Show.


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