PHOTO CAPTION: Illustration of what solar-powered bullet train might look like, courtesy of Raymond Wright.

Solar High-speed Train Proposed for Tucson-Phoenix Run

The train would require 110 megawatts of electricity and would operate with solar power generated from overhead panels.

Published: 16-May-2009

A Tucson company wants to send you someday on a sun-fueled ride from one end of the state to the other.

The idea of a high-speed train that runs on solar power is still in its early stage, but the project's creators are pitching the idea to area cities and potential investors.

The idea is to start a train system that connects Tucson and Phoenix in a first phase. In the future it would extend north to Grand Canyon and south to Nogales. The cost for the first phase alone is estimated at $27 billion.


Pictured is computer 3D visualization of proposed San Francisco Transbay high-speed rail terminal. The House bill, approved 311-104, cites the Northeast corridor as one for which the Transportation Department might consider high-speed proposals, but the legislation adds that other projects might be considered as well.

Rail travel produces more than a third less emissions than road transport. Pictured is yard switcher being converted by Rail Power to hybrid-fuel cell power.

Quebec-based Bombardier manufacturers high-speed electric trains.

The report proposes 560 kilometres of high-speed electric track, as well as shift to plug-in hybrid cars.


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