PHOTO CAPTION: Honda CR-Z hybrid sports car concept.

Report: Honda Open to GM Collaboration

While not interested in buying either GM or Chrysler, Koichi Kondo says Honda would be open to sharing hybrid and other technologies.

Published: 13-Jun-2009

Japan's second-largest carmaker Honda Motor Co. Ltd. (NYSE:HMC), which just celebrated 50 years in the U.S., said it wasn't interested in buying any General Motors Corp. or Chrysler LLC assets, but it would be open to sharing hybrid and other technology.

In an interview in Tokyo, executive vice president Koichi Kondo told The Associate Press that Honda could partner with rivals, including GM, as it focuses on ecological vehicles and aims for cost cuts, partly through global models that can lower production costs because of sales numbers.

Honda makes the Insight hybrid and is focused on making smaller, fuel-efficient vehicles. In April it started construction on a plant for its lithium-ion battery joint venture with partner GS Yuasa Corp. In May, Toyota Motors Corp.'s Prius hybrid was Japan's best-selling car, while the Insight came in second. In coming years, Honda plans to launch a new hybrid based on its sporty CR-Z hybrid concept vehicle.


Company claims car will get up to 157 mpg and has top speed of 87mph.

The experimental IC engine in the hybrid drive system combines elements of both gasoline and diesel units, with differing injection and variable compression depending on drive conditions.

The VW Twin Drive, which has an all-electric range of 30 miles, is set to hit market in 2010, the same year as GM's Volt.


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