PHOTO CAPTION: Sakti3 founder Ann Marie Sastry

13 Advanced Automotive Battery Start-Ups Profiled

Josie Garthwaite with Earth3Tech profiles more than a dozen promising battery start-ups including Sakti3, founded by Ann Marie Sastry.

Published: 22-Jul-2009

With billions of dollars in government funds coming down the pipeline for advanced batteries courtesy of the stimulus package, and the auto industry gearing up to make its first real go at marketing plug-in vehicles for the masses, the race to build lithium-ion batteries for vehicles has never been hotter.

Massive international battery makers may dominate the mobile device and laptop markets for lithium-ion batteries, but a growing number of companies — some founded just in the last year, others that have been around for over a decade — are hoping to carve out a piece of the battery vehicle market. They have their work cut out for them, however, as more established companies such as Sanyo, Hitachi and NEC are eying the same prize.

As the money rolls out and competition heats up, here are 13 battery startups you should know about:


Think wants to gear up to produce 10,000 cars a year in 2009 with EnerDel supplying the batteries.

Mikado 600 3D helicopter is agile and fast, and can go 100 miles per hour in a straight horizontal line, and 50 miles per hour in a vertical line. Its LiPo battery pack costs $400.

The development and configuration of the new energy storage module is expected to be finished by mid-2010. Picture is prototype lithium polymer pouch.


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