PHOTO CAPTION: Americans bought 2,079 Honda Insight Hybrids in June 2009.

Honda Insight Sales Stall

The Japanese automaker had high hopes for the retooled Insight. Instead, all it has delivered is a flurry of bad reviews and four months of dismal sales.

Published: 28-Jul-2009

Honda's Prius-killer is looking a lot like road kill.

When it debuted in March, Honda Motor Corp.'s retooled Insight hybrid looked to be the first serious challenger to the Prius, Toyota Motor Corp.'s ecological wunder-car. Graced with a low price, 40-mpg-plus fuel economy and the Japanese automaker's reputation for quality, the Insight even looked like the Prius.

Instead, all the Insight has delivered is a flurry of bad reviews and four months of dismal sales capped by a thorough battering at the hands of the Prius, whose third generation was launched in the U.S. last month. Increasingly, the Insight is looking like the latest in a series of hybrid frustrations for Honda.


Honda has not announced what the power plant would be in this concept car, which could be considered as a replacement for the aging S2000 Roadster.

Audi thinks hybrid systems are more sensible in smaller vehicles and because it wants to introduce the vehicle with lithium-ion batteries instead of nickel-metal hydride batteries.

Chrysler says the two-mode Hybrid delivers 40% better fuel economy in the city and a 25% overall improvement.


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