Car Buyers in Germany Hesitant, Waiting for EVs

A large number of potential car buyers have a wait-and-see attitude, pending introduction of EVs.

Published: 21-Aug-2009

Every fifth potential buyer of a car in Germany is postponing their purchase, and is waiting for EVs. This is one of the results of a survey of 3,500 drivers conducted by German market researchers Puls.

Altogether, consumers complained about a high level of insecurity in respect to future motoring options. CEO of Puls, Konrad Wessner: "People don't know what options they will have in the next few years, so they prefer to hold on to their money. Therefore, we expect a strong decrease in market volume as soon as the cash-for-clunkers program ends this September".

Sixty percent of interviewees were unsure which technology would be best in the future. Only 9.5% of potential car buyers feel well-informed about EVs. "The automotive industry needs to try to end this uncertainty", said Wessner.

In general terms, six out of ten of those surveyed believe that the future of motoring is electric. 38% expect a large-scale introduction of EVs before the year 2015. Fourty percent are optimistic that EVs will cost no more than cars powered by internal combustion engines; sixty percent expect higher prices.

Germany's car buyers believe that of all car makers, Toyota has the leading position. German makers Daimler, BMW, VW and Audi are increasing their EV-ability, think the interviewees.

Written by: Martin Schwoerer

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