eWolf E1: Electric Propulsion, Carbon Fiber Body = Race Car Ambitions

A German start-up combines phenomenally low weight with electric propulsion to create an intriguing sports car

Published: 04-Sep-2009

German car magazine Auto, Motor und Sport reports in its latest print edition about a project initiated by the "Institute of Lightweight Construction" at Dresden University of Technology. In a nutshell: The eWolf E1 is a one-seater weighing only 450 Kilos (including Li-Ion batteries) -- and a sensational 180 kilos without batteries.

Obviously, the quadripolar, liquid-cooled, AC induction motor with a capacity of 110 KW is strong enough to make the E1 quick, with its top speed of 230km/h being more impressive than the 0-100 time of 5 seconds.

Originally, the Formula-3 inspired car was planned to be no more than a demonstrator to show how light a car can be if most components (including wheels) are made of carbon fiber. But then the guys from the start-up company eWolf convinced battery makers Li-Tec and the researchers in Dresden to join forces. Li-Tec's 16 kWh range of batteries may sound similar in capacity to those of the Mitsubishi i-MiEV's, but the E1, due to its light weight, can offer double the range: with a moderate driving style, up to 300 KM.

The E1 is currently taking the final hurdles to approval as a road legal vehicle. eWolf is planning to sell no more than a small series of the E1, at a price of above 100,000 Euros. But it's not because no buyers are in sight. For 2010, eWolf is developing the E2: also carbon fiber, but a two seater with four wheels directly propelled by four motors @ 100 kW -- each. The future sounds fast.

Written by: Martin Schwoerer

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