PHOTO CAPTION: Omaha Metro Community College students assist installing NiMH battery pack into 2009 Toyota Prius.

Hybrid Gets Juiced Up

EV World's 2009 Prius featured in this Omaha World-Herald article about its conversion to a plug-in hybrid.

Published: 10-Oct-2009

P> Students gathered around the mint-green, and soon to be greener, Toyota Prius as Kim Adelman talked about the process that would make the car go much faster and further on its electric engine.

Adelman, CEO of Plug-In Conversions Corp. of San Diego, was at Metropolitan Community College's south campus Thursday morning overseeing the car's conversion from a regular hybrid to a plug-in hybrid electrical vehicle. Adelman said the cost of such a conversion generally would be $13,500.

Bill Moore of Papillion, editor of an Internet-based magazine EV World (, provided his 2009 Prius for the lesson.


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