PHOTO CAPTION: All-electric Audi e-tron electric car could go on sale by end of 2012 for $200K.

Driving Audi e-tron Is High Tech Thrill

Audi invites Chris Woodyard to test drive the e-tron all-electric concept car.

Published: 16-Dec-2009

As this holiday season proves again, sometimes packaging is as important as the gift itself. That's how it is with the Audi e-tron -- an all-wheel-drive, all-electric, high-end sports car.

Though a concept for the moment, Audi is talking as if e-tron will become a production model by the end of 2012 that could sell for around $200,000. Styling, for the moment, is much like the R8 sports car without the carbon-fiber panels.

The packaging is the car's amazing looks and gimmicks -- from wind scoops that automatically open when the car needs cooling, sensor-activated door handles and the high-tech headlights. The gift is its performance -- zero to 60 miles per hour in less than 4.7 seconds and a torque curve that never seems to let up. Here's how we know:


TREV two-place electric car

Student-built vehicle can do 0-60 in 10 seconds with top speed of 75 mph. Photo courtesy of University of South Australia.

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Providing the outcome of the current European feasibility study is positive, the car will be introduced to European markets sometime after 2010.

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