PHOTO CAPTION: RWE electric car charge point similar to that installed at ETEC in Essen, Germany.

Essen Electric Car Charging Points Increase to 36

Essen Technology and Development Centre also installs two experimental micro wind turbines.

Published: 22-Dec-2009

Essen's Lord Mayor Reinhard Paß, ETEC's (Essen Technology and Development Centre) Managing Director Andreas Hillebrand and RWE Innogy's Chairman Professor Fritz Vahrenholt all gathered for the official opening of two new charging points for electric vehicles. Officiating at the ceremony, in ETEC's courtyard, was Carolin Reichert, Divisional Manager E-Mobility at RWE Effizienz GmbH. The new additions take the city of Essen's total number of electric car charging points to 36.

Two "mini" wind turbines have recently been installed on the roof of ETEC, overlooking the A40 autobahn. They are generating wind energy electricity on a trial basis. "Another charging point for environmentally friendly electricity is our Plug & Charge unit at ETEC," adds Reichert. "Green electricity from our company is now hitting the road."

The rooftop wind power generator set feeds electricity direct to the public grid. Of course electric vehicles also draw their charge from the grid, but RWE guarantees that this electricity comes exclusively from renewable sources. As a method of storage, the electric car's battery is the ideal complement to wind power (vehicle to grid or V2G). RWE is currently working on intelligent tariffs which will improve the integration of renewables into the electricity grid.


Smith Electric is Valence customer.

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