Dutch Buy 1.3 Million Bicycles

Electric-assisted models experience highest rise in sales, up 20% at 150,000 units.

Published: 26-Jan-2010

The Dutch bought 1.3 million bikes last year with a total bill of €950m, the RAI conference organisation said on Monday ahead of the annual cycle industry trade fair FietsVak.

Bike sector turnover was up 4%, while the average price of a bike rose 3.5% to €713, the organisation said.

The biggest rise in sales was booked by bikes with a small electric motor. Their sales were up 30% at 150,000. Some 85% of bikes are bought through specialist traders.


Schwinn Tailwind electric-bike.

BusinessWeek's energy and environment editor discovers the real purpose of an electric-assist bicycle: it isn't about exercise, its about commuting.

Cycling as commuting option popular in many European countries.

Belgium, Germany, Holland, Italy and the UK have been pushing the bicycle as a healthy and environment-friendly alternative to the car with tax incentives.

Cyclists on bike path in Santa Barbara.

According to the 2000 census, 3.4 percent of the Santa Barbara population over the age of 16 rides a bike to work.


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