Beijing Plans for Electric Vehicle Battery Exchanges and Fast Charge Stations

City already has 50 battery electric buses in operation, serviced by pilot charging stations.

Published: 01-Feb-2010

Beijing will transform part of the existing petrol filling stations and increase the number of electric vehicles charging stations, making integrated refuel and charge service stations to provide both services.

At present, the first batch of a total of 50 pure electric buses are already running, while the pilot charging stations established for this purpose have also begun operation. In addition, Beijing Municipal Science & Technology Commission has begun to study how to charge electric vehicles like taxis and passenger cars in fixed charging stations.

Beijing has proposed two modes planned for the charging stations.


Ford Escape Plug-in Hybrid is being tested by a number of utilities.

The batteries will be shipped to Ford under a five-year supply agreement that calls for initial shipments of 5,000 batteries a year.

Indy Power Systems Multi-Flex Energy Management System

The system's hardware platform uses embedded software that manages the flow of energy between multiple types of power units

Chevy Volt battery pack will provide plug-in car with up to 40 miles 'Electric-First' driving range.

High battery costs and limited production capacity remain serious challenges for commercialization of the American electric-drive vehicles.


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