PHOTO CAPTION: Recall includes Lexus HS 250h hybrid.

Toyota Begins 2010 Prius Brake Repairs

Recall includes 437,000 units of its 2010 Prius, Sai, Prius PHV (plug-in hybrid) and Lexus HS250h hybrids globally.

Published: 10-Feb-2010

Toyota dealers in Japan have begun work on fixing around 200,000 Prius hybrid cars as part of a massive global recall over a potential fault in the vehicle's brakes.

The Japanese auto giant announced the recall on Tuesday, affecting some 400,000 cars around the world – the latest in a series of embarrassing safety alerts that threaten to badly dent consumer confidence in the world's biggest carmaker.

On Wednesday the company announced a further recall, this time affecting about 7,300 of its 2010 model Camrys in the US.


Toyota FT-86 Hybrid Electric Concept Car

The concept uses a 2.0 liter engine developed by Saburu and is billed as being "green", though Toyota has yet to reveal how it achieves that moniker.

2010 Plug-in Prius similar to that driven by the author.

Admittedly 'lazy' test driver in Ireland finds excuses not to plug in the Prius.

Toyota and Tesla are collaborating on an all-electric version of the RAV4 sport utility vehicle.

Electric version of RAV4 is being jointly developed by Toyota and Tesla, picking up where original RAV4 EV left off nearly a decade ago.


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