PHOTO CAPTION: Charging port on Nissan LEAF electric car is mounted in the front of the vehicle.

Home Builder Begins Pre-wiring Homes for Electric Vehicles

KB Homes now offers buyers of its 'green homes', the option to pre-wire the garage for future electric vehicle recharging.

Published: 10-Mar-2010

PAPILLION, NE -- Homebuilder KB Homes is rolling out this optional feature for its “Built to Order” new home construction package – providing built-in technology so owners can recharge either EVs or plug-in hybrid vehicles in order to skip the hassle of retrofitting their domiciles themselves.

“It’s a great feature for homebuyers who currently drive electric cars, or for those who want to build their new home to accommodate these cars in the future,” noted Jeffrey Mezger, KB Home’s president and CEO, noting that this is just one way the company is trying to create more “earth-friendly” products to be more relevant to the way homebuyers are living now and in the future.

The nonprofit Rocky Mountain Institute is helping spur such options via its recently-launched Project Get Ready, a program that aims to help communities prepare for and support plug-in vehicles – both all-electric and hybrid models. The whole idea is to make it super-easy for the average person to use these vehicles, without any extra heavy lifting required when it comes to re-juicing the batteries.


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