Germany Firm Debuts Elektra One Airplane

PC Aero unveils its single-seat, all-electric Elektra One capable of flying up to 400 km on a single charge.

Published: 08-Apr-2010

Calin Gologan, he head of PC Aero and developer of the Traveler TR230 four-passenger light airplane, introduced his Elektra One all-electric, single-seat airplane at Aero 2010 in Friedrichshafen, Germany. The 120 kg (264 lbs) composite airplane is powered by a 16 kW (peak) electric motor and has a operational endurance of up to 3 hours at 120 km/h. Its wingspan is 8.6 meters (28 ft) and it has an effective payload of 90 kg. (164 lbs).

It is designed to compete in the CAFE Green Flight Challenge in California this July. Partnering with NASA, the Challenge requires the aircraft to fly at least 100 miles per passenger on less than half a gallon of fuel or 17kWh of electric power at a minimum speed of 100 mph. The maximum range of the Elektra One is 400 km at 160 km/h.

PC Aero estimates that the all-electric airplane can fly up to 300 hours a year on the solar energy provided by just 20 square meters (215 sq ft) of solar panels, with an ROI of just eight years at current operating cost in Europe. It estimates flying clubs can operate Elektra One for €30 an hour.

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