PHOTO CAPTION: Chevy Volt MPV5 extended range electric concept vehicle.

Chevy Volt MPV5 Electric Plug-In Concept SUV Debuts in Beijing

MPV5 will carry five passengers up to 32 miles (51.5km) in electric-mode.

Published: 28-Apr-2010

Beijing – Chevrolet has made a major commitment to providing world-class, fuel-efficient vehicles to its customers around the world. In recent months, through GM’s Shanghai GM joint venture, Chevrolet has introduced the fuel-efficient Cruze and New Sail in China. It will introduce the Volt electric vehicle with extended range capability in 2011.

In preparation for the Volt’s arrival, Chevrolet is leveraging Auto China 2010, which starts today in Beijing, to introduce the Volt MPV5 electric concept. The five-passenger multi-purpose crossover concept demonstrates the potential of the Voltec propulsion system by utilizing the same foundation as the Volt, for gas- and tailpipe emissions-free electric driving.

Maximizing Efficiency and Style


Hummer H3 ReEV Electrovaya Lithium Ion SuperPolymer battery pack.

The FEV-integrated Hummer features a 40 kWh, 700V Electrovaya battery system.

Vauxhall Combo van used as conversion test bed.

Intended for inner-city driving, the electric only mode has been limited to propel the vehicle at a speeds up to 60 km/h.

Converted Toyota Prius is first to be able to share electric power with the grid.

In addition to 4.2kWh of lithium batteries, the power system includes a grid synchronous inverter to put power back into the grid.


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