Tesla Sells $13.8M in ZEV Credits to Honda

Electric car maker has been selling environmental credits since 2008.

Published: 16-Jan-2011

Tesla Motors Inc. has sold $13.8 million in environmental credits, mostly to Honda Motor Corp, since 2008 according to SEC filings and first reported by Bloomberg.

Carmakers need zero-emission vehicle credits to meet California air pollution requirements. Under 2008 rules, five major automakers — Honda, Toyota Motor Corp., General Motors Co., Ford Motor Co. and Nissan Motor Co. — must sell 60,000 plug-in hybrid or all-electric vehicles in a three-year period. If they can’t, they have an option to buy credits from other companies that are producing them.

Tesla has not yet reached profitability and plans to raise $100 million in an upcoming public offering. Toyota announced late last month it would invest $50 million in Tesla and that the two carmakers would develop products together.


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12V auxiliary cable chafing in one car lead to short circuit. ID numbers below 500 are not affected.

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Agreement is in addition to $50M Toyota paid for shares of Telsa in July 2010.


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