PHOTO CAPTION: Chevrolet Spark sold in India.

GM Revamps Indian Electric Car Plans

GM now not sure when they will develop EV after split with Reva.

Published: 14-Jun-2010

CALCUTTA, INDIA -- General Motors (GM) is looking forward to developing an electric car for India on its own. It had to drop its plan for the electric Spark following a break-up with Reva.

The American car maker, which is expected to launch the plug-in hybrid electric vehicle, Chevrolet Volt, in the US by the year-end, will “certainly not bring the Volt to India”.

“The country is still not ready for such plug-in hybrid vehicles. The expensive Chevrolet Volt may get few Indian buyers, who are fascinated to drive a green car. It will certainly not be a huge success in a sensitive market such as India,” GM India vice-president (marketing, sales and after sales) Ankush Arora said.


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