PHOTO CAPTION: 2011 Hyundai Sonata Hybrid

Hyundai Hybrids Have Prius in Its Sight

Plug-in hybrid version could follow in 2013.

Published: 28-Jun-2010

Later this year Hyundai will begin rolling out its first hybrid vehicle, the Sonata hybrid, but that should be just the beginning of Hyundai’s hybrid story.

By 2012, Hyundai will also add a new dedicated hybrid to its portfolio, followed by a plug-in hybrid in 2013.

Following in the footsteps of the Toyota Prius, Hyundai’s new hybrid will only be available as a hybrid, or eventually a plug-in hybrid, reports InsideLine. Other than its dedicated hybrid status, however, Hyundai is confirming little, although the automaker has shown off a number of hybrid and plug-in hybrid concepts at various auto shows.

Regardless, both the Sonata hybrid and the new dedicated hybrid will utilize lithium-polymer battery packs to electrify their hybrid powertrains. Consequently, it should be interesting to follow the evolution of Hyundai’s hybrid pricing. Certainly, one wouldn’t expect overly aggressive pricing with the launch of the hybrid Sonata to start, as Hyundai will probably be happy to simply be price-competitive with both the Ford Fusion hybrid and the Toyota Camry hybrid to start, particularly since the Korean automaker will be utilizing lithium ahead of the pack.


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