PHOTO CAPTION: Elektromotive Elektrobay charging station similar to those to be installed in North East England.

North East England to Install 1,300 Charging Stations by 2013

Order is largest placed to date for Elektromotive Elektrobay charge stanchions.

Published: 16-Jul-2010

North East England is being propelled to the forefront of the global ‘green’ motoring revolution, following confirmation that an advanced network of 1,300 electric vehicle (EV) recharging posts will be installed within the next three years.

Elektromotive, which is Europe’s leading EV infrastructure provider, has ramped up production in order to supply the first batch of 200 Elektrobay recharging posts during August 2010. This will be a critical element in a strategy to make the North East one of the most advanced regions in the world for sustainable transport.

The rapid installation timescales will ensure that North East England is home to the world’s largest single network of Elektrobay recharging posts by the end of 2010. The installations are being commissioned by Regional Development Agency One North East through Newcastle City Council, as part of the 'Plugged-In Places' initiative, which is helping to establish electric vehicle recharging infrastructure in key strategic locations around the UK.

Elektromotive is well placed to deliver the recharging posts required. The company’s simple-to-operate Elektrobay was first introduced in Westminster, London in 2006, and currently more than 135 units are installed across the UK capital. A further 165 Elektrobays operate in cities and shopping centres around Britain, including 40 that have already been installed in North East England. No other company in the world is at such an advanced stage in the installation of EV recharging technologies.

Elektromotive Managing Director Calvey Taylor-Haw, said: “The North East England project is an extremely welcome development in the creation of a robust EV recharging network in the UK. Publicly accessible recharging posts are essential for encouraging consumers to buy the new electric and plug-in hybrid vehicles that will aid progress towards a low carbon future. This project will set an ambitious new benchmark for future infrastructure projects in the UK and overseas.”

Elektromotive was selected as one of the North East’s preferred suppliers thanks to the Elektrobay’s future-proof technical platform – providing, for example, the option of remote billing and fast charging – and its stylish, compact design. Elektromotive was also able to demonstrate its ability to deliver large-scale infrastructure projects on time and to budget.

David Slater, Executive Director of Environment and Regeneration at Newcastle City Council said, “Newcastle was at the forefront of the carbon-based economy, and we are proud to be a partner in building the low carbon economy. It is particularly exciting to be working with the leading European manufacturer Elektromotive.”

Dozens of businesses and organisations have already signed up to the Plugged-In Places scheme in the North East, and the new posts will be installed soon at locations from Berwick to Teesside, including the Angel of the North, Gateshead; Claremont Road, Newcastle; Belmont Park & Ride, Durham; Hadrian’s Wall, Northumberland; Park Lane Interchange, Sunderland; Cobalt Business Park, North Tyneside; Souter Lighthouse, South Tyneside; Hartlepool Transport Interchange and Teesside University, Middlesbrough.

Ian Williams, Director of Business and Industry at One North East, said: “There is a great deal of enthusiasm across the North East for electric vehicles and the work taking place here is already helping to inform major national and international decisions in this industry.

“Important vehicle trials have been taking place here, which have already shown that range anxiety is a major issue for drivers who are considering using an electric car. Therefore the comprehensive network we are developing, allowing people to charge at home, at work, in town and city centres and at our visitor attractions, will be key to showing drivers that the switch to low carbon transport is viable.”

Calvey Taylor-Haw also commented: “Working with One North East and Newcastle City Council has been a breath of fresh air. Their drive, commitment and forward thinking will help to grow and sustain the automotive and green technology sectors in their region. Elektromotive has a wealth of knowledge in EV infrastructure and the North East’s willingness to listen and work closely with us will help the UK maintain its lead in the sustainable transport market.”

The fund which offers North East companies and organisations match-funding for charging points remains open - effectively enabling them to buy and install charging points for half the standard cost (around £2,500 instead of around £5,000), plus connection costs. North East businesses and organisations interested in accessing match-funding and grants for charging points should contact the PIP project Manager Josey Wardle on Tel: 0191 2296693.

Conventionally situated by the roadside and in car parks, the Elektrobay is the world’s most advanced EV recharging station. It is compatible with all pure electric and plug-in hybrid electric cars, and can be specifically adapted to suit the requirements of the installation site and the user.

To find out more about Elektromotive or to locate your nearest Elektrobay charging station, please visit www.elektromotive.com.

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