PHOTO CAPTION: Phoenix Motorcars will begin deliveries of 4-door all-electric AWD pickup in late 2010.

Phoenix Motorcars Introduces AWD Model Electric Pickup

Company to begin deliveries in late 2010 of 70 mile range model, with 100 mile range option coming in 2011.

Published: 16-Jul-2010

Ontario, Calif. -- Phoenix Motorcars, a California based electric vehicle company, will present its newly configured Sports Utility Truck at the FedFleet 2010 Conference in Phoenix, Arizona. The event will be held at the Phoenix Convention Center on July 13-15, 2010

Fed Fleet 2010 provides a venue dedicated to commercial and government fleet operators, showcasing alternative fuel vehicle solutions ideally suited to today's growing economic and environmental concerns. In addition to industry best practices, front line business professionals identify solutions to reduce federal fuel consumption and emissions and advance the Nation's goals of energy independence and environmental sustainability.

"Phoenix Motorcars is proud to introduce the first all-wheel drive electric pickup truck ready for fleet procurement." stated Bryon Bliss, VP Sales and Marketing for Phoenix Motorcars. "The FedFleet 2010 conference provides an ideal opportunity to debut our enhanced Sports Utility Truck. We will begin deliveries later this year."

Phoenix Motorcars advanced battery-electric, zero-emission Sports Utility Truck can travel at freeway speeds while carrying four passengers and a full payload. Providing solutions geared towards today's fleet operators, Phoenix Motorcars offers a 70 mile range pack with deliveries later this year. An extended 100 mile range pack option will be available for delivery in 2011. Each solution is equipped with lithium batteries.

Phoenix Motorcars will shortly begin production making initial deliveries in late 2010. Initial vehicles will be included in demonstration programs, such as those previously announced in Hawaii, and fleet operations in various locations, including California.

About Phoenix Cars LLC
Phoenix Cars LLC, a Delaware company, operates under the trade name of Phoenix Motorcars. Phoenix Motorcars is a wholly owned subsidiary of Al Yousuf LLC and is headquartered in Ontario, California. Phoenix Motorcars has been an industry leader in the development of battery-electric, freeway-speed vehicles since 2002. The mission of Phoenix Motorcars is to manufacture zero-emission vehicles for commercial and government fleets.

About Al Yousuf LLC
Founded in Dubai in 1953, Al Yousuf LLC has steadily grown to become one of the leading commercial groups in the United Arab Emirates. Al Yousuf, with over 3,000 employees operates across a wide range of industries including automobiles, marine, manufacturing, real estate, information and communication technology, electronics goods and chemicals. In the transportation sector, Al Yousuf has developed strong value-added relationships with major international brands including Yamaha, Daihatsu and Daewoo.

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