PHOTO CAPTION: EV-Box comes with single and dual charge ports.

Dutch Company Begins Manufacture of EV-Box Charging Station

EV-Box is first of its kind to use polycarbonate housing.

Published: 16-Jul-2010

EV-Box started the production of the first polycarbonate charging station available on the market. The charging stations are manufactured and assembled in The Netherlands. The first stations are already delivered and installed on several locations in The Netherlands and Belgium.

EV-Box developed the charging stations with a vision to deliver a quality product, which is easy to install and to maintain. The pole version is based on a standard road sign pole. The advantages of injection molding are price level and fast delivery times. It’s also much faster to produce than the products made out of metal. There are several options to personalize the EV-Box with a molded logo and covers in any color.

The technology used in the EV-Box is the latest available in the market. There is no keyboard or display on the product. The customer identifies himself or herself with a Contactless card, tag or mobile phone. The status will be communicated by the LED’s in the product and/or through the mobile phone and in the future direct on the dashboard of the car. A user can see on the Internet where the poles are, the status and the tariff. The EV-Box can be upgraded with several (payment) modules and access controllers. Also the sockets are very easy to change. At this moment there are options to have a standard Schuko socket, CEE socket or the new Mennekes EV-socket. All options can be installed and used at the same time.

EV-Box also developed a home charger for owners of an Electric Vehicle. It is a wall- mounting model (half of a pole) that has a cable and connector. The user only has to plug the connector into the socket of the car.

EV-Box is now expanding to other countries worldwide and has already contacts with some candidate distributors. For this market EV-Box developed a Frame-concept. This means that the local distributor can buy empty frames and covers and build in their own technology for charging electric vehicles. Exchange of knowledge can be provided.

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