PHOTO CAPTION: Zongshen electric motor scooter.

China Investing Heavily in Brazil

Includes $80M investment in electric scooters and bicycles.

Published: 13-Aug-2010

RIO DE JANEIRO - Surging Chinese investment in Brazil is reshaping ties between the countries as companies seek to secure resources and tap the rising consumer class in Latin America's largest economy.

From virtually nowhere, China has rocketed to become the biggest foreign direct investor in Brazil this year with purchases ranging from iron ore mines to vast tracts of farmland and the electricity grid.

Following similar forays in Africa and other parts of the globe, Chinese firms backed by cheap state financing are seeking a permanent foothold in Brazil, aiming to diversify their income and meet Brazil's acute need for new infrastructure.


Peugeot E-Vivacity electric scooter has an operating cost of 56ยข for every 100 km.

Lithium Ion Cobalt battery promises a minimum of 1,000 intensive charging/discharging cycles, equivalent to some 40,000 km.

Skoota Compact Urban Electric Mobility Machine

Ingenious designers continue to come up with innovative concepts for personal mobility in overcrowded cities; the foldable Skoota is another great example.

Vectrix Maxi-scooter offer cruising range of 35-55 miles, depending on speed, rider weight, and driving habits.

Vectrix Corporation has opened its new US Head Quarters and development center in New Bedford, Mass.


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