PHOTO CAPTION: Chicago's first solar powered electric vehicle charging station.

Chicago Get's Charge-up About Arrival of Electric Cars

In the nationwide dating game to determine which cities get the electric vehicles first, Chicago is hoping for a match.

Published: 25-Aug-2010

It's not enough for Chicago to be charged up about electric vehicles coming later this year; the city has to prove it's plug-worthy.

The makers of electric cars are conducting a nationwide dating game of sorts to determine which cities get the vehicles first. Hoping for widespread electric vehicle adoption, the carmakers are rolling out first in cities where motorists will encounter the fewest headaches.

In unprepared cities, too many vehicles charging at once can cause power outages. Owners who seek permits for home charging stations, which can charge vehicles in far less time, can run into paperwork nightmares. And cities that lack charging infrastructure risk the possibility of stranded motorists.


Roadster #750 completes road trip to Detroit despite winter driving conditions and heavy snow.

Telsa will donate the full value of production car VIN 1,000 to charities.

Subaru R1e negotiating the streets of Manhattan Island, New York City.

The range limitations of most early electric cars will matter less in tightly packed urban areas, where the daily driving distance is likely to be much shorter than in the suburbs or rural areas.

BYD E6 electric crossover vehicle is slated for U.S. introduction later this year.

The E6 uses a battery pack weighing more than 400 kg (880 lb) and purportedly offers driving range of 200 miles per charge.


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