PHOTO CAPTION: Chip Yates Superbike is powered by 194 hp electric motor with 295 ft/lbs of torque.

Chip Yates to Debut Electric Superbike at The Battery Show

Secretly-developed motorcycle considered the most powerful electric superbike in the world.

Published: 08-Sep-2010

Chip Yates, the American bike racer and engineering guru, is to officially debut his awesome electric superbike at The Battery Show, which takes place at the San Jose Convention Center, California on October 5th to 7th, 2010.

The superbike, which will compete in next year’s FIM ePower and TTXGP Championships for electric motorcycles, has pushed the boundaries of electric vehicle engineering to new heights. Although a pure race bike, major OEMs and the wider EV industry are eager to see the bike in detail to fully understand some of the cutting edge technology that Yates and his Swigz.com Pro Racing team have developed. Having created the bike in complete secrecy, with 194 horsepower and 295 ft/lbs of torque, the motorcycle is easily the most powerful electric superbike in the world and represents a seismic advancement in any previously seen technology.

Yates says of the project: “Developing a bike such as this is a major undertaking and we have had to push the boundaries of what the industry has so far been able to achieve. Unlike a car, a bike cannot simply take numerous high capacity batteries on board to improve performance and range, so we have had to harness highly advanced technology, including a bespoke KERS System (Kinetic Energy Recovery System), to make the bike what it is. The EV industry is looking at this bike with interest, and is increasingly looking to us for consultancy on other EV projects.”

Although images of the bike have been issued in advance of the show, the team will unveil details of its highly secretive KERS system at the show, shortly after certain protective patents have been registered.

James Reader, the show’s founder, says: “It’s an absolute privilege to have Chip and his team at the show. Showcasing this kind of ground-breaking technology is exactly what the show is all about, and the presence of the bike will be an enormous bonus to the attending press and visitors”.

Visitors can visit the Swigz.com Pro Racing team at booth 2600, and the Chip Yates himself will be on hand to greet people and explain the technology and highlight the challenges and his team of aerospace and race engineers have overcome during the development process.

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