PHOTO CAPTION: Elecscoot E4 is priced at t £4,395

UK Firm Proposes Fleet Managers Use Electric Scooters

Elecscoot series scooters will be available at LCV 2010.

Published: 15-Sep-2010

Electric scooters offering fleet managers a low-cost route to going green will be launched at a transport show on Wednesday. September 15.

Currently, almost all electric scooters in the UK are Chinese imports. Elecscoot is the only British company whose scooters are powered by a proprietary drive train, battery pack and battery management system.

“With extremely low whole life costs and market-leading reliability, our electric scooters are transitioning from being lifestyle consumer vehicles into a genuine option for fleets. Clearly electric scooters cannot replace an entire company car fleet, but they are now a serious alternative. We are witnessing a rapid rise in enquiries from fleet managers in the public and private sector,” says Ian Allison, Managing Director of Elecscoot.


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