PHOTO CAPTION: Quebec City's Ecolobus electric bus can hold up to 31 passengers and is designed for feeder routes.

Electric Buses, A Mixed Blessing, Study Concludes

Statford, Ontario feasibility study finds that while fuel costs and emission levels improve, but higher capital and operational costs.

Published: 16-Sep-2010

Battery-powered buses or diesel-electric hybrids may sound like a good idea for Stratford, but a staff feasibility report says that while fuel costs and emission levels would improve, capital and operational costs would be higher.

Community services staff were asked to investigate the feasibility of the city acquiring electric buses instead of standard diesel buses. Director David St. Louis presented his findings to the community services subcommittee Tuesday.

For both the electric and hybrid buses, there would be a need for specialized training for maintenance staff, the report says, and that could involve two to five days of time per employee.
Fully electric, battery-powered buses such as the Italian-made ones operating in Quebec City cost about $400,000 apiece. U.S.- made buses are in the area of $295,000.



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