Sources: Toyota, Daimler in Hybrid Vehicle Talks

Daimler said to have turned to Toyota in order to strengthen its lineup of eco-friendly models.

Published: 16-Sep-2010

Toyota Motor Corp. and Daimler AG are negotiating a tie-up that would see Toyota provide Daimler with key components for hybrid vehicles, such as motors and control computers, sources said Thursday.

The agreement would make Daimler the fourth company to receive Toyota's hybrid technology, following Nissan Motor Co., Ford Motor Co. and Mazda Motor Corp.

Negotiations began in summer last year, when Daimler made an approach to Toyota, according to the sources.


2010 Renault Twingo thought to be candidate for replacement of current Daimler Smart.

Alliance of Daimler with Renault-Nissan initially based on co-development of small car platforms starting with the Renault Twingo as 2013 replacement for Smart car.

Renault Twingo concept car. The company has talked about an electric version.

Three partners to collaborate on manufacturing electric motors, batteries and engines.

Daimler E-Cell battery electric car prototype.

Also sees need for investment in electric car technology to remain competitive in 10 years time.


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