PHOTO CAPTION: Nissan will build 50,000 LEAF electric cars the first full year of production.

Healy: Nissan LEAF Is Delight to Drive

USA Today columnist shares his impressions of electric car test drive.

Published: 20-Sep-2010

By James R. Healey

Electric cars have been around as long as gasoline versions, but their limited range always outweighed the fact that they are simple to use and easy to drive.

Electrics were big in the early part of the last century, largely because gasoline vehicles had to be hand-cranked to start — a difficult process that left some unwary folks with broken bones when the crank kicked back.


Nissan LEAF can be charged at 110, 220 and 380V.

Tennessee politicians reassure public that State will be ready for electric cars.

Nissan LEAF goes on sale in five states starting in December 2010.

Benefits of early ownership include Tax credits, rebate checks, personalized home visits, and government giveaways.

Motor Mundo's Hjalte Tin poses with converted Nissan electric car in stretch of the Gobi desert.

Danish authors and adventures complete 113 day journey by Nissan electric car.


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