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XP Vehicles Files Bias Suit Over Federal Alt Energy Vehicle Funding Programs

Suit alleges 'favoritism' in DOE Loan Guarantee Program and the Section 136 ATVM Loan Program.

Published: 25-Sep-2010

SAN FRANCISCO -- XP Vehicles™ (http://www.myxpcar.com) today announced it had filed a legal brief with the United States Department of Justice via the office of Attorney General Eric Holder, with copies to the White House Press office, regarding improprieties experienced first-hand in the DOE Loan Guarantee Program and the Section 136 ATVM Loan Program on the heels of a federal investigation published by the United States Government Accountability Office (GAO). The GAO found “favoritism” and blockading of certain candidates. XP stated that the filed brief is presented on behalf of the independent American alternative energy vehicle manufacturers, a large number of whom experienced the same blockades, misrepresentations, retractions, manipulated data, favoritism and other improprieties created to give advantage to very specific large entities at the cost of American small business ventures and innovation. Tesla Motors former executive Darryl Siry published a report in Wired touching on how these particular loan programs actually prevented American Independent car companies from getting non-government funding and the new legal brief goes even further to underscore that report.

The brief names the names and connects the dots to parties who appear to have been involved in the deployment of taxpayer dollars in less than transparent ways and means.

XP and its industry associates applaud the GAO report but felt that it only covered the tip of the iceberg. Multiple CEO’s from multiple American independent alternative energy vehicle companies have offered to testify on the matter at an open public hearing on CSPAN, and all other interested networks, at the time and place chosen by Congress. XP is seeking re-review of all small business applicants.

XP Vehicles is a Bay Area start-up formed by technology experts and a consortium of companies who are each expert in their component area. XP is known for developing the X-Panel™ composite structure, a new type of material to build cars with. While it has been referred to as “inflatable” the X-Panel material is actually a multicell micro-array that creates the most crash-proof, longest range, lowest cost electric vehicles on Earth.

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