PHOTO CAPTION: Peugeot HR1 Hybrid concept SUV.

Peugeot HR1 Concept: The Hybrid Urban Ute

Urban-sized SUV boast 67 mpg fuel efficiency and ZEV driving range.

Published: 29-Sep-2010

Sport Utility Vehicles are shrinking, at least car makers are giving buyers concerned about fuel economy and physical footprint smaller, more agile options. Examples include Honda's CRV, Chevy's Equinox, Ford's Edge, Toyota's RAV4, Hyundai's Tucson, Kia's Sorento, etc.

Of all these, none are hybrids… yet. This may be why France's PSA Peugeot Citroen is exploring the notion with the HR1 Hybrid concept SUV. Announces Peugeot…

The HR1 is also based on the crossover of several body shapes: city runaround, coupé, SUV... deriving as a result its own identity and new and original advantages.

In addition to scaling down the HR1's physical footprint for urban environments, Peugeot engineers have worked hard to also reduce its environmental footprint by combining its new 1.2 liter, 3-cylinder THP gasoline (petrol) engine, which powers the front wheels, with a 27kW electric drive that propels the rear wheels, giving it a 4-wheel drive stance.

Peugeot has adapted its HYbrid4 system, as part of its 'downsizing' strategy to create a surprisingly fuel efficient, low emission Sport 'Ute with 2.5km of Zero Emission Vehicle (ZEV) electric-only range. The HR1 produces just 80 gram of CO2 per kilometer; better than the Prius. Even more impressive, its combined fuel economy is 3.5L/100 km or the equivalent of 67 mpg.

Beyond its commendably efficient drive train, the HR1 incorporates a pair of electric gull-wing doors, the objective of which is to "facilitate access under all circumstances," especially narrow parking zones and small garages.

According to Peugeot, the HR1 "is designed basically for young city dwellers without children in search of a fun vehicle that is fashionable and roomy enough to carry leisure equipment (bicycle, diving equipment, etc) or be loaded up with shopping..." With the rear seats stowed, the flat floor and sides offer a load space of 734 litres (25 cu. ft). The passenger cabin can be quickly configured for three or four, full-sized seats, which when set up reduce the cargo (boot) capacity to 6.3 cubic feet.

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