PHOTO CAPTION: Hyundai ix35 Hybrid C-segment SUV

Hyundai Rolls out ix35 Hybrid SUV

SUV mates U2 1.7-litre Blue Drive diesel with mild hybrid system.

Published: 30-Sep-2010

C-segment SUVs like the Honda CRV or Chevy Equinox are very popular alternatives to the larger, heavier and less fuel-efficient models like the Ford Explorer or Dodge Ram. Hyundai already offers its own C-segment SUV in the form of the Tucson, but with the ix35 concept vehicle it takes the notion to its next logical step.

Debuting at the 2010 Paris Auto Show, the ix35 Hybrid introduces Hyundai's Blue Drive powertrain, mating its U2 1.7 litre diesel engine with a 5kW electric motor and six-speed manual transmission, which combined produce only 117g of CO2 per kilometer, 38g/km less than the ix35 Blue diesel-only version which goes into production at the end of 2010.

The ix35 Hybrid is considered a 'mild hybrid' that incorporates Idle Stop & Go (ISG). Additional hybrid powertrain capabilities or specifications are not known at this time, nor are any future production plans, though Hyundai is planning to introduce a hybrid version of the Sonota in 2011.

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