PHOTO CAPTION: Tesla Roadster recall affects 439 vehicles

Tesla Recalls Some Roadsters for Power Cable Fix

12V auxiliary cable chafing in one car lead to short circuit. ID numbers below 500 are not affected.

Published: 05-Oct-2010

Electric-car maker Tesla Motors says it is voluntarily recalling 439 of its battery-powered Roadster 2.0 and 2.5 models after a single case in which a chafing power cable led to a short, smoke and possibly a fire.

The Palo Alto, Calif., company says the problem stemmed from a 12-volt auxiliary power cable that serves as a backup supply of power for the headlights, turn signals, airbags and other systems. Tesla says that in one car, the cable rubbed against the edge of a carbon-fiber panel and eventually caused a short circuit.

The cable is located behind the right-side headlight and is isolated from the main battery in the rear of the car, Tesla says. Under the recall the company will check the routing of the cable and install a protective sleeve over it.


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Model S battery pack is flatter and nearly the width and length of the car, and is embedded in the floor of the electric car.

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Palo Alto-based Tesla Motors intends to initially produce 10,000 Model S vehicles a year at the site


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