PHOTO CAPTION: 2011 Chevrolet Volt goes on sale in November 2010.

800 Miles In a Chevy Volt

Alan Boyle and Jim Seida begin road trip from Seattle to San Francisco in first leg of the 'Volt Unplugged' tour.

Published: 10-Oct-2010

will electric cars change our lives? Join us as we take a road trip in a Chevy Volt — and share your thoughts about the plug-in driving experience.

Media producer Jim Seida and I will take turns behind the wheel of a Volt on Monday and Tuesday for the 800-mile drive between Seattle and San Francisco, on the first leg of Chevrolet's "Volt Unplugged" tour around the nation. Along the way, we're going to be sending updates, photos and video about the real-world driving experience.

"It's probably more fun to drive than any vehicle," Volt spokesman Rob Peterson told me today. "It's very quiet, it's very smooth."

Of course, Peterson would say that. But Dan Carney, who reviewed the performance of a Volt prototype for back in February, also had some nice things to say about the car. "Anyone can get in the Volt and drive," he said.


GM spokesman Rob Peterson explains the benefits of the Volts extended range electric drive power plant during 2010 Freedom Drive..

Chris Paine can't say enough good things about the Chevrolet Volt.

2011 Chevrolet Volt seen helping GM demonstrate its technological leadership.

The Volt is mentioned 22 times in GM's IPO registration, writes Chrissie Thompson.

Chevrolet Volt Z-Spec concept car.

GM's extended range electric car sports customization features for SEMA show.


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