Potential Organic Battery Breakthrough

University of Texas researchers have found way to manipulate electrons, bringing plastic battery a step closer.

Published: 11-Oct-2010

AUSTIN -- Imagine if your cell phone or computer battery lasted more than a day. What if it was non-toxic or even made out of a flexible plastic? It's not out of the question. Scientists at the University of Texas are one step closer to making organic batteries a reality.

"Our breakthrough was figuring out how to control electrons,” said Dr. Jonathan Sessler, UT Professor of Chemistry . “Make them go where we want them to go. When we want them to go there, keep them there and then tickle them to come back."

Dr. Christopher Bielawski and Dr. Jonathan Sessler led the team of graduate students, Jung Su Park and Elizabeth Karnas. The work involved molecules, the building blocks of nature.



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