PHOTO CAPTION: Renault ZOE concept could be available by 2012.

Renault ZOE Expected to Sell for Under €15,000

Car would have fully-charged range of 100 km.

Published: 18-Oct-2010

Once fully charged, the rental lithium ion batteries of Zoe can provide a sustained run of 100 kilometers.

Renault-Nissan alliance will fix the price of its new electric car Zoe, expected to be sold in mid-2012, less than 15,000 euros (19,482 U.S. dollars), but the match lithium ion batteries will be separately charged.

Renault group refused to give comment on the report but confirmed that electric vehicles Zoe's price will be close to similar models running on the road.


Renault's line-up of electric cars.

Korean company already supplying cells to eight other carmakers.

Electric car charging stations will be installed at E. Lecleric stores in France.

Some 500 stations will be installed by 2015.

Renault ZOE ZE electric car

Lawsuit brought on behalf of two girls named Zoe Renault, ages 2 and 8, whose parents fear a lifetime of taunts and sexual innuendo.


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