PHOTO CAPTION: First Toyota Prius went on sale in December 1997.

Toyota, Affiliates Begin Hybrid Car Battery Recycling Program in Japan

Program to recycle nickel metal hydride batteries will eventually expand from Japan to other Toyota markets.

Published: 28-Oct-2010

TOKYO -- Toyota Motor Corp. (7203.TO) said Thursday that, along with three other companies, it has started the world's first recycling business for the nickel in hybrid-vehicle batteries for re-use in such batteries.

Toyota Chemical Engineering Co., wholly owned by Toyota Tsusho Corp.(8015.TO), along with Sumitomo Metal Mining Co. (5713.TO) and Toyota's battery production subsidiary, Primearth EV Energy Co., will work with the car maker to recycle the nickel in nickel-metal-hydride batteries, Toyota said.

Toyota Tsusho is a Toyota Motor-affiliated trading company.


Peugeot 307 HDI Diesel-electric Hybrid will utilize Sanyo NiMH batteries.

NiMH batteries will be utilized in both Peugeot and Citroen hybrids launching in 2011.

EVI truck powered by Valence lithium batteries.

Valence U-Charge energy storage systems offers EVI the flexibility to offer three distinctive electric trucks from class 4 (15,000 lbs) to class 6 (25,950 lbs).

XM1124 HMMWV hybrid will utilize EnerDel lithium ion batteries.

Ener1 subsidiary has received a $1.29 million contract to design and build high-performance lithium-ion battery systems.


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