PHOTO CAPTION: Plug-In Conversion Corporation's Prius is equipped with NiMH GP Batteries.

Plug-in Conversion Corp. Prius Being Tested in Singapore

National University of Singapore to road test converted Toyota Prius.

Published: 04-Nov-2010

EV World Editor: It is our understanding that the kit used in this vehicle was developed by Plug In Conversions Corporation of Poway, Ca. in cooperation with Gold Peak Batteries of Hong Kong.

THE Toyota Prius may already be a petrol saver, but a team of researchers hopes to squeeze even more fuel efficiency out of the hybrid car.

GP Batteries is collaborating with the National University of Singapore (NUS) to road-test a Prius modified in Hong Kong that can be charged from an electric socket and run fully on electricity.


Screen capture from Plug-In America PSA 'Blow, Baby Blow.'

Delightfully humorous series of public service announcement modeled after successful Mac vs. PC commercials.

Paul Scott with Nissan LEAF during tour of company facilities in Japan.

ABC News profiles several electric car owners including Plug In America co-founder Paul Scott.

Plug In America 'Clothes' PSA

The spot, titled Clothes highlights the minimal maintenance required of EVs versus gas cars.


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