PHOTO CAPTION: EMAV-developed "Power Regeneration Unit"

Indiana Firm Develops Range Extender Trailer for Electric Cars

Self-propelled trailer could offer electric car added range of up to 700 miles on 6 gallons of diesel fuel.

Published: 04-Nov-2010

> Of all the solutions we’ve seen to extend the range of EVs, this might be the most unique. A company in Wakarusa, Indiana, has designed a self-propelled trailer that contains an electric generator and batteries that keep an EV charged.

Electric Motors and Vehicles (EMAV) founder and president Wil Cashen thinks that the United States doesn’t have a robust enough infrastructure to keep the coming fleet of EVs charged in the near term. So, he’s developed the Pru — short for Power Regeneration Unit — as what he calls a “rolling infrastructure” that always has power at hand to charge an EV in any situation.

“We decided that this thing has to be completely self-powered and guided by the host vehicle,” Cashen said. “It couldn’t be in a position where it’s being towed. We designed something called the Smart Hitch — the brains behind the entire Pru vehicle. It sends a signal to the speed controller based on the pulling, tugging or tension that’s delivered to the hitch when the host vehicle moves.”



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