PHOTO CAPTION: Chinese-made electric scooter equipped for pizza delivery, a concept catching on around the world.

Taiwan Pizza Chain Switches to Electric Scooters

Company replacing gasoline models with similarly powered electrics.

Published: 04-Nov-2010

A nationwide pizza chain is replacing a portion of its fleet of gasoline-fueled delivery scooters with battery-powered ones, saying that the power and speed of the new breed will meet its needs, despite public skepticism over the performance of electric-powered transportation.

This is more good news for Taipei's air quality, which is already much improved since air quality monitoring equipment was put into use by the Taipei City Department of Environmental Protection in 1994.

Over the weekend the department held an exhibition to display electric scooters and low emissions buses, offering the public a chance to use or ride the vehicles. One Taipei resident who tested out one of the electric scooter amid the drizzle said at first he was unaccustomed to not hearing any noise from the engine when accelerating. Other than that, the electric scooter was just about the same as a gasoline-fueled one, he said, adding that there is no need to drive too fast in the city anyway.


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