PHOTO CAPTION: Renault ZOE ZE electric car

Renault Gets Okay to Use Girl's Name for Electric Car

Lawsuit brought on behalf of two girls named Zoe Renault, ages 2 and 8, whose parents fear a lifetime of taunts and sexual innuendo.

Published: 14-Nov-2010

Renault today dodged a bullet for car companies trying to christen new models: being sued because it's someone's name. A French judge said it could keep the name Zoe for its cute little electric car with spa-like aroma therapy ventilation due out mid 2012.

Lawyer David Koubbi sued on behalf of two girls named Zoe Renault (ages 2 and 8), contending their name on the car would set them up for a lifetime of grief, from playground taunts to sexual innuendo. He said his Zoe Renaults (no relation to company founder Louis Renault) would be most hurt, but all of France's estimated 35,000 Zoes would feel the sting.

"Can you imagine what little Zoes would have to endure on the playground, and even worse, when they get a little bit older and someone comes up to them in a bar and says, 'Can I see your air bags?' or 'Can I shine your bumper?'" Koubbi told The Associated Press in an interview.


Renault's line-up of electric cars.

Korean company already supplying cells to eight other carmakers.

Electric car charging stations will be installed at E. Lecleric stores in France.

Some 500 stations will be installed by 2015.

Renault ZOE concept could be available by 2012.

Car would have fully-charged range of 100 km.


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