PHOTO CAPTION: Renault electric car conversion used for Better Place demonstrations in Israel.

Better Place On Track for 2012 Launch in Israel

Gilad Nir deals with cynical Globes reporter, saying Better Place has identified a global trend.

Published: 25-Nov-2010

In a conversation with "Globes" this morning, Israel Corporation (TASE: ILCO) CEO Gilad Nir said that the electric cars of Better Place LLC were on the fast track to Israel's highways. He made the comment following the publication of Israel Corp's financial report for the third quarter.

"Better Place is an investment in activity that is groundbreaking and will change consumer behavior. It is not a trivial activity, and we're investing in it in the belief that we've identified a trend, just we spotted other trends much sooner than others," Gilad said.

"Globes": This cow called Better Place has meanwhile eaten a lot of grass. When will you start to milk it?


In April 2010, Better Place and Chery agreed to collaborate on giving the G5 battery-swapping capability.

Is Better Place's battery-swapping strategy also a better idea?

Prototype battery exchange demonstrator in Japan

Danish web sites offer insights into costs for Better Place electric car network.

Shai Agassi, founder of Better Place.

Wade W. Slome, the President and Founder of Sidoxia Capital Management, considers Shai Agassi's innovative approach to electric car deployment.


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