PHOTO CAPTION: Volvo Air Motion compressed air-powered concept car.

Volvo Air Motion Would Be Compressed Air-powered

Design Challenge competitor would weigh less than 1,000 pounds and use energy captured by tethered turbines floating above Air Replenishment Sites.

Published: 04-Dec-2010

Imagine... A vehicle lighter than a Formula 1 racing car... Experiencing the adrenaline rush of carving through the canyons with up to 3 friends... Not using a drop of gasoline... Now just imagine if these dreams could be brought together in a single vehicle. During Los Angeles Auto Show a scale model of this car - Volvo Air Motion - will be on display and participates in the Design Challenge Competition.

Tipping the scales at under 1,000lbs the Volvo Air Motion Concept makes these dreams a reality and delivers this in a beautiful Scandinavian body. Designed like a clam shell and sculptured from ultra light carbon fiber.

Minimizing weight and complexity, while maximizing driving enjoyment, is the philosophy behind this vehicle. Thousands fewer components are employed than in a traditional car thanks to the powerful yet simple compressed air motors that replace a heavy internal combustion engine. The motors cool down under load rather than heat up, thus removing the need for heavy cooling systems. An integrated approach to designing the chassis, interior and suspension also contribute significantly.

To compress the air needed for the centrally mounted air tank, Air Replenishment Sites are used. Powered by air turbines floating 1,000ft in the air they harness the power of the wind and convert it to electricity to provide the compression.

Aimed at the driving enthusiast, by a company synonymous with safety and environmental care, the Volvo Air Motion demonstrates the beauty and purity of Scandinavian design and delivers a guilt free, raw driving experience.

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